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Strengthening professional ability in response to the needs of the times and attaching importance to both theories and practices

Disaster prevention
Department of Civil Engineering, National Chi Nan University once established the Institute of Earthquake and Disaster Prevention due to its experience in earthquake-related research after the 921 Earthquake. The Institute was later merged into the Institute of Civil Engineering, which continues to play the role in assisting local disaster prevention work. The Department also assists the public sectors in research related education and cultivation of talents.
Unmanned aerial vehicles
Unmanned aerial vehicles can capture real-time, clear, panoramic mid- and low-altitude photos of disaster areas. The use of aerial photography can help capture a clear bird’s-eye view of disasters and landslide disasters and clearly identify the scope of disasters, which makes up for the shortage of “seeing the trees but not the forest” in ground disaster exploration.
Environmental Sustainability SDGs
The teaching mode integrating knowledge and thinking enables students to expand their horizons of observing and caring for the society, understand the challenges that SDG practice may face, and further achieve comprehensive and sustainable development through the cycle of communication, cooperation, action, and revision


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Cultivating talents with a balanced understanding of humanities and technology,
and a sustainable development concept

In response to the integration of learning and application, the Department of Civil Engineering offers an integrated course [Civil Engineering Design Practice] to enable the students to apply their professional knowledge to engineering practice. The Department also offers internship courses, which enable students in the Department of Civil Engineering, National Chi Nan University to connect with social enterprises during their studies and prepare for future employment in the workplace. In recent years, the Department has also implemented the University Social Responsibility (USR) to encourage teachers and students in the department to proactively explore local needs, solve problems with their professional knowledge and skills, and promote regional development. With the concerted efforts of all teachers and students, we are confident in achieving the goal of the Department of Civil Engineering, National Chi Nan University. We believe that students today will be proud of being a member of the Department of Civil Engineering, National Chi Nan University, and in the upcoming future, the Department of Civil Engineering, National Chi Nan University will be proud of our graduates.